What is the Matheon preprint server?
Welcome to Matheon preprint server. All uploaded preprints result from research within Matheon. Only Matheon members are authorized to upload preprints on this server.
Search tips
  1. Person`s names should be entered this way: Last name, First name
  2. It is possible to substitute single unknown characters of a term by _ (underline). For example: Ma_er in search field person provides different ways of spelling (e.g. Maier, Mayer etc.).
  3. Some search fields refer to authority files. Please consult them when in doubt before searching the fields Faculty, Institute or Document type.
  4. The field Free text searches title, keyword and abstract at the same time.
  5. Use the search field Source to search for parallel publications (e.g. in a journal, a conference issue etc.) of documents.
I have some more questions - whom shall I contact?
For contacts please write an email to webmaster@matheon.de.
Are all of my preprints publicly available?
Yes, all your preprints are open to the public and can be downloaded by everyone.
Please ensure before publishing, that you are authorized to do that. Basically you are authorized if you are the author or creator yourself and have not given exclusive rights to a third person or company. If you published parallelly at a professional publisher or plan to do that, please ensure, that the publisher allows you to make parallel publications on a preprint server.
In which format should I upload the preprint?
Please upload your preprint in two formats: PDF and PostScript (PS).
How do I upload my preprint?
Please click on the publication link on the start page.
First you are requested to choose a document type. Right beneath that you can upload your document files. Having done so you may click on "send". What follows now is the actual form. You have to fill in data about your publication here (so called metadata), which is used to describe your work in catalouges and other bibliographic directories. Depending on the document type, some of these fields are mandatory and therefore have to be filled in. Mandatory fields are for example:
  • the title of your preprint and the language of the title
  • the abstract of the document
  • the institution and project in which preprint was created
  • the language of the document (must be choosen from a list)
If you are unsure what to fill in certain form fields, you can point the cursor on a field and an explaining help text will be shown.
After you have finished the form, all data will be displayed once again for a check-up and you then have three possibilities: you can correct them if necessary, add your document to a collection or simply safe it directly.
Are there any special things to know about publishing a preprint?
Preprints are papers, which are not yet published by a professional publisher, but such a publication is planned and the publisher already accepted printing the work. Depending on the publisher there are several terms to be regarded by preprinting it. Many publishers require a link on our document repository, which references the final version on the publishers page. Please tell us when your preprint is published, so that we can accomplish the requirements of the publisher!
What's metadata?
Metadata can be defined as
  • data describing one or more resources
    or as
  • data associated with an object and describing it
Basically metadata is describing documents, objects or services and contains information about their content, structure or form. More abstractly metadata is a description of data or "data about data". Bibliographic data sets and catalog entries in library catalogs can be seen as a kind of metadata.
In most cases this is no problem. Please ensure in any case, if your publisher allows a parallel publication! To do that you can use the SHERPA/ROMEO list.
Authors can choose which terms of use must be regarded for their publication. These terms are defined in a license. This repository supports different licenses, from which you can choose one (i.e. Creative Commons Licenses/).
Placeholder for the policy guidelines of the maintaining institution.
This document server is based on the repository software OPUS4 OPUS is documented here: https://www.opus-repository.org/.
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