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Legal notices

I assure that neither the rights and claims of third parties nor legal provisions are violated by the publication to the extent approved by me. Insofar as rights of use have been transferred to third parties, their rights also do not prevent publication.

In the case of dissertations and postdoctoral theses, I also assure that the publication has been approved by the doctoral committee and that the electronic form corresponds to the approved original version in form and content.

Ingolstadt University will take all necessary measures within the scope of its technical possibilities to ensure the integrity of the content of the published work in international data traffic. The authors and publishers are solely responsible for the content of the documents. The university assumes no liability for the content of the publications provided and linked external sites. The university is not liable for the misuse of the contents of the documents by third parties as a result of the publication of the document. The registration of patents or other industrial property rights and any resulting claims is not a matter for the university and is my sole responsibility.

I undertake to indemnify the university against all claims made by third parties against the university on the basis of copyrights or other property rights to which they are entitled. If a claim is made against the university directly by a third party, I am obligated to immediately provide the university with all information and evidence necessary to defend against claims.

The German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz) applies without restriction to documents offered in electronic form via data networks. In particular, the following applies:
Individual reproductions, e.g. copies and printouts, may only be made for private and other personal use (Section 53 Copyright Law). The production and distribution of further reproductions is only allowed with my explicit permission (author).

The OPUS-user is responsible for the compliance with the legal regulations and can be held liable in case of misuse.

(Editing status: 10.02.2022)

The German version of this clause is to be regarded as the legally binding version.