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Development and test of a numerical model for pulse thermography in civil engineering

  • Pulse thermography of concrete structures is used in civil engineering for detecting voids, honeycombing and delamination. The physical situation is readily modeled by Fourier's law. Despite the simplicity of the PDE structure, quantitatively realistic numerical 3D simulation faces two major obstacles. First, the short heating pulse induces a thin boundary layer at the heated surface which encapsulates all information and therefore has to be resolved faithfully. Even with adaptive mesh refinement techniques, obtaining useful accuracies requires an unsatisfactorily fine discretization. Second, bulk material parameters and boundary conditions are barely known exactly. We address both issues by a semi-analytic reformulation of the heat transport problem and by parameter identification. Numerical results are compared with measurements of test specimens.
Author:Martin WeiserORCiD, Mathias Röllig, Ralf Arndt, Bodo Erdmann
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Heat and Mass Transfer
First Page:1419
Last Page:1428
Year of first publication:2010