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Periodic timetabling with integrated track choice for railway construction sites

  • We propose a mixed-integer linear programming model to generate and optimize periodic timetables with integrated track choice in the context of railway construction sites. When a section of a railway network becomes unavailable, the nearby areas are typically operated close to their capacity limits, and hence carefully modeling headways and allowing flexible routings becomes vital. We therefore discuss first how to integrate headway constraints into the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem (PESP) that do not only prevent overtaking, but also guarantee conflict-free timetables in general and particularly inside stations. Secondly, we introduce a turn-sensitive event-activity network, which is able to integrate routing alternatives for turnarounds at stations, e.g., turning at a platform vs. at a pocket track for metro-like systems. We propose several model formulations to include track choice, and finally evaluate them on six real construction site scenarios on the S-Bahn Berlin network.
Author:Berenike MasingORCiD, Niels LindnerORCiD, Christian LiebchenORCiD
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Journal of Rail Transport Planning & Management
First Page:100416
Year of first publication:2023
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