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The Decision Theatre Triangle for societal challenges – an example case and research needs

  • Tackling societal challenges relating to sustainability requires both an understanding of the underlying complex socio-ecological systems and participation of scientists as well as relevant stakeholders, such as practice experts, decision makers, and citizens. This paper introduces the Decision Theatre Triangle, a method which combines empirical information, mathematical modelling and simulation, and a format for dialogue between scientists and stakeholders. While it builds on previous Decision Theatre work, the new structuring into these three elements emphasizes what is needed for setting up a Decision Theatre for a given challenge. Based on experience with a specific example – sustainable mobility in Germany – it is argued that agent-based models are particularly suitable for Decision Theatres and that the method is useful not only for decision support but also for science communication and co-creation of a deeper knowledge of the system under discussion. As a step towards facilitating a broader use of the Decision Theatre Triangle method, the paper then sketches research needs for each of its three elements, with a focus on mathematical modelling and simulation.
Author:Sarah Wolf, Steffen Fürst, Andreas Geiges, Manfred Laublichler, Jahel Mielke, Gesine Steudle, Konstantin Winter, Carlo Jaeger
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Journal of Cleaner Production
First Page:136299
Date of first Publication:2023/02/09
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