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Interface stability of compressible fluids in porous media

  • The stability of flows in porous media plays a vital role in transiting energy supply from natural gas to hydrogen, especially for estimating the usability of existing underground gas storage infrastructures. Thus, this research aims to analyze the interface stability of the tangential-velocity discontinuity between two compressible gases by using Darcy's model to include the porosity effect. The results shown in this research will be a basis for considering whether underground gas storages in porous material can be used to store hydrogen. We show the relation between the Mach number M, the viscosity \mu, and the porosity \epsilon on the stability of the interface. This interface stability affects gases' withdrawal and injection processes, thus will help us to determine the velocity which with gas can be extracted and injected into the storage effectively. By imposing solid walls along the flow direction, the critical values of these parameters regarding the stability of the interface are smaller than when considering no walls. The consideration of bounded flows approaches the problem more realistically. In particular, this analysis plays a vital role when considering two-dimensional gas flows in storages and pipes.
Author:Thi Thai LeORCiD, Thorsten KochORCiD
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Physics of Fluids
First Page:084102
Publisher:AIP Publishing
Year of first publication:2021
Published in:Physics of Fluids
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