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Analysis and comparison of algorithms for the tomographic reconstruction of curved fibres

  • We present visual methods for the analysis and comparison of the results of curved fibre reconstruction algorithms, i.e., of algorithms extracting characteristics of curved fibres from X-ray computed tomography scans. In this work, we extend previous methods for the analysis and comparison of results of different fibre reconstruction algorithms or parametrisations to the analysis of curved fibres. We propose fibre dissimilarity measures for such curved fibres and apply these to compare multiple results to a specified reference. We further propose visualisation methods to analyse differences between multiple results quantitatively and qualitatively. In two case studies, we show that the presented methods provide valuable insights for advancing and parametrising fibre reconstruction algorithms, and support in improving their results in characterising curved fibres.
Author:Bernhard FröhlerORCiD, Tim ElberfeldORCiD, Torsten MöllerORCiD, Hans-Christian HegeORCiDGND, Jan De BeenhouwerORCiD, Jan SijbersORCiD, Johann KastnerORCiD, Christoph HeinzlORCiD
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation
First Page:328
Last Page:341
Year of first publication:2020
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