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Impact of Contact Surfaces on the Death Estimation

  • The determination of time of death is one of the central tasks in forensic medicine. A standard method of time of death estimation elies on matching temperature measurements of the corpse with a post-mortem cooling model. In addition to widely used empirical post-mortem models, modelling based on a precise mathematical simulation of the cooling process have been gaining popularity. The simulation based cooling models and the resulting time of death estimates dependon a large variety of parameters. These include hermal properties for different body tissue types, environmental conditions such as temperature and air flow, and the presence of clothing and coverings. In this thesis we focus on a specific arameter - the contact between corpse and underground - and investigate its influence on the time of death estimation. Resulting we aim to answer the question whether it is necessary to consider contact mechanics in the underlying mathematical cooling model.

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Author:Felix Baumann
Document Type:Master's Thesis
Tag:contact mechanics; heat equation; inverse problems; time of death estimation
Granting Institution:Technische Universität Berlin
Advisor:Konstantin Fackeldey, Martin Weiser
Date of final exam:2019/12/20
Year of first publication:2020
Page Number:69
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