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Model Based Exploration of Hypokalemia in Dairy Cows

  • Hypokalemia, characterized by too low serum potassium levels, is a severe mineral disorder which can be life threatening. It is increasingly diagnosed in veterinarian healthcare and a topic of ongoing research. In this paper, we explore the different originating conditions of hypokalemia: reduced potassium intake, increased excretion, acid-base disturbances, or increased insulin, by using a dynamic mathematical model for potassium balance in non-lactating and lactating cows. Simulations are compared with literature. The results give insights into the network dynamics and point to scenarios on which experimental effort should be focused. Application of mathematical models can assist in experimental planning as well as the reduction, refinement and replacement of animal experiments.
Author:Julia Plöntzke, Mascha Berg, Rainald Ehrig, Sabine Leonhard-Marek, Kerstin-Elisabeth Müller, Susanna RöblitzORCiD
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Scientific Reports
Volume:12, 19781
Date of first Publication:2022/10/17
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