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Three-dimensional reconstruction and quantification of dislocation substructures from transmission electron microscopy stereo pairs

  • A great amount of material properties is strongly influenced by dislocations, the carriers of plastic deformation. It is therefore paramount to have appropriate tools to quantify dislocation substructures with regard to their features, e.g., dislocation density, Burgers vectors or line direction. While the transmission electron microscope (TEM) has been the most widely-used equipment implemented to investigate dislocations, it usually is limited to the two-dimensional (2D) observation of three-dimensional (3D) structures. We reconstruct, visualize and quantify 3D dislocation substructure models from only two TEM images (stereo pairs) and assess the results. The reconstruction is based on the manual interactive tracing of filiform objects on both images of the stereo pair. The reconstruction and quantification method are demonstrated on dark field (DF) scanning (S)TEM micrographs of dislocation substructures imaged under diffraction contrast conditions. For this purpose, thick regions (>300 nm) of TEM foils are analyzed, which are extracted from a Ni-base superalloy single crystal after high temperature creep deformation. It is shown how the method allows 3D quantification from stereo pairs in a wide range of tilt conditions, achieving line length and orientation uncertainties of 3% and 7°, respectively. Parameters that affect the quality of such reconstructions are discussed.
Author:Leonardo Agudo JácomeORCiD, Hans-Christian HegeORCiDGND, Olaf PaetschGND, Kai Pöthkow
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Ultramicroscopy
First Page:157
Last Page:170
Year of first publication:2018
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