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Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods

  • Over forty years ago average-case error was proposed in the applied mathematics literature as an alternative criterion with which to assess numerical methods. In contrast to worst-case error, this criterion relies on the construction of a probability measure over candidate numerical tasks, and numerical methods are assessed based on their average performance over those tasks with respect to the measure. This paper goes further and establishes Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods as solutions to certain inverse problems based upon the numerical task within the Bayesian framework. This allows us to establish general conditions under which Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods are well defined, encompassing both the non-linear and non-Gaussian context. For general computation, a numerical approximation scheme is proposed and its asymptotic convergence established. The theoretical development is extended to pipelines of computation, wherein probabilistic numerical methods are composed to solve more challenging numerical tasks. The contribution highlights an important research frontier at the interface of numerical analysis and uncertainty quantification, and a challenging industrial application is presented.

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Author:Jon Cockayne, Chris Oates, T. J. Sullivan, Mark Girolami
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):SIAM Review
First Page:756
Last Page:789
Year of first publication:2019
ArXiv Id:http://arxiv.org/abs/1702.03673
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