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swMATH - Challenges, Next Steps, and Outlook

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  • swMATH is currently one of the most comprehensive specialized information services and search engines for Mathematical SoftWare (MSW). It was the intention of the project to support the user community by providing infor- mation about MSW and searching relevant MSW. Currently swMATH lists infor- mation of more than 13,000 items and 120,000 publications which refer to MSW. Maintaining and updating of the service is mainly done automatically, the num- ber of requests is permanently increasing. This sounds like a perfect solution. But swMATH is only a first step to a powerful information system on mathematical research data. This talk addresses some open problems for the further develop- ment of the swMATH service. It is shown that some problems for swMATH lead to central questions for the information management of mathematical research data, especially for MSW. This contains an extended content analysis of MSW, versioning and citation standard of MSW, a typing of the swMATH resources and the presentation of context information and high-quality control within the swMATH service.
Author:Hagen Chrapary, Wolfgang DalitzORCiD, Wolfram Sperber
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):CICM-WS-WIP 2016, Workshop and Work in Progress Papers at CICM 2016
First Page:107
Last Page:116
Fulltext Url:http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1785/W10.pdf
Year of first publication:2017
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