SCIP-Jack – A solver for STP and variants with parallelization extensions

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  • The Steiner tree problem in graphs is a classical problem that commonly arises in practical applications as one of many variants. While often a strong relationship between different Steiner tree problem variants can be observed, solution approaches employed so far have been prevalently problem-specific. In contrast, this paper introduces a general-purpose solver that can be used to solve both the classical Steiner tree problem and many of its variants without modification. This versatility is achieved by transforming various problem variants into a general form and solving them by using a state-of-the-art MIP-framework. The result is a high-performance solver that can be employed in massively parallel environments and is capable of solving previously unsolved instances.

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Author:Gerald Gamrath, Thorsten Koch, Stephen Maher, Daniel Rehfeldt, Yuji Shinano
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Mathematical Programming Computation
First Page:1
Last Page:66
Year of first publication:2016

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