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Hyperthermia Treatment Planning with HyperPlan - User's Manual

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  • HyperPlan is a software system for performing 3D-simulations and treatment planning in regional hyperthermia. It allows the user to understand the complex effects of electromagnetic wave propagation and heat transport inside a patient's body. Optimized power amplitudes and phase settings can be calculated for the BSD radiowave applicators Sigma 60 and Sigma 2000 (eye-applicator). HyperPlan is built on top of the modular, object-oriented visualization system Amira. This system already contains powerful algorithms for image processing, geometric modelling and 3D graphics display. HyperPlan provides a number of hyperthermia-specific modules, allowing the user to create 3D tetrahedral patient models suitable for treatment planning. In addition, all numerical simulation modules required for hyperthermia simulation are part of HyperPlan. This guide provides a step-by-step introduction to hyperthermia planning using HyperPlan. It also describes the usage of the underlying visualization system Amira.

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Author:Detlev Stalling, Martin Seebass, Malte Zöckler, Hans-Christian HegeORCiDGND
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Tag:grid generation; image segmentation; therapy planning; visualization
CCS-Classification:J. Computer Applications / J.3 LIFE AND MEDICAL SCIENCES
I. Computing Methodologies / I.3 COMPUTER GRAPHICS / I.3.8 Applications
I. Computing Methodologies / I.4 IMAGE PROCESSING AND COMPUTER VISION (REVISED) / I.4.6 Segmentation
I. Computing Methodologies / I.4 IMAGE PROCESSING AND COMPUTER VISION (REVISED) / I.4.9 Applications
I. Computing Methodologies / I.6 SIMULATION AND MODELING (G.3) / I.6.3 Applications
Date of first Publication:2000/08/25
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (00-27)
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