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Joint Geometric Graph Embedding for Partial Shape Matching in Images

  • A novel multi-criteria optimization framework for matching of partially visible shapes in multiple images using joint geometric graph embedding is proposed. The proposed framework achieves matching of partial shapes in images that exhibit extreme variations in scale, orientation, viewpoint and illumination and also instances of occlusion; conditions which render impractical the use of global contour-based descriptors or local pixel-level features for shape matching. The proposed technique is based on optimization of the embedding distances of geometric features obtained from the eigenspectrum of the joint image graph, coupled with regularization over values of the mean pixel intensity or histogram of oriented gradients. It is shown to obtain successfully the correspondences denoting partial shape similarities as well as correspondences between feature points in the images. A new benchmark dataset is proposed which contains disparate image pairs with extremely challenging variations in viewing conditions when compared to an existing dataset [18]. The proposed technique is shown to significantly outperform several state-of-the-art partial shape matching techniques on both datasets.
Author:Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Arun Kumar, Suchendra Bhandarkar
Document Type:Proceedings
Parent Title (English):IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision
First Page:1
Last Page:9
Year of first publication:2016
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