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Local Confluence Analysis for Amalgamated Graph Transformation: Long Version

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  • Amalgamated graph transformation allows to define schemes of rules coinciding in common core activities and differing over additional parallel independent activities. Consequently, a rule scheme is specified by a kernel rule and a set of extending multi-rules forming an interaction scheme. Amalgamated transformations have been increasingly used in various modeling contexts. Critical Pair Analysis (CPA) can be used to show local confluence of graph transformation systems. It is an open challenge to lift the CPA to amalgamated graph transformation systems, especially since infinite many pairs of amalgamated rules occur in general. As a first step towards an efficient local confluence analysis of amalgamated graph transformation systems, we show that the analysis of a finite set of critical pairs suffices to prove local confluence.

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Author:Gabriele Taentzer, Ulrike Golas
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Tag:amalgamated graph transformation; critical pair analysis; parallel independence
CCS-Classification:F. Theory of Computation
Date of first Publication:2015/05/07
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (15-29)
Published in:Appeared in: Graph Transformations. Proceedings of ICGT 2015. Springer LNCS 9151, p. 69-86
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