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Validation of Nominations in Gas Network Optimization: Models, Methods, and Solutions

  • In this article we investigate methods to solve a fundamental task in gas transportation, namely the validation of nomination problem: Given a gas transmission network consisting of passive pipelines and active, controllable elements and given an amount of gas at every entry and exit point of the network, find operational settings for all active elements such that there exists a network state meeting all physical, technical, and legal constraints. We describe a two-stage approach to solve the resulting complex and numerically difficult feasibility problem. The first phase consists of four distinct algorithms applying linear, and methods for complementarity constraints to compute possible settings for the discrete decisions. The second phase employs a precise continuous programming model of the gas network. Using this setup, we are able to compute high quality solutions to real-world industrial instances that are significantly larger than networks that have appeared in the mathematical programming literature before.

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Author:Marc PfetschORCiD, Armin Fügenschuh, Björn Geißler, Nina Geißler, Ralf Gollmer, Benjamin HillerORCiD, Jesco Humpola, Thorsten KochORCiD, Thomas Lehmann, Alexander Martin, Antonio Morsi, Jessica Rövekamp, Lars Schewe, Martin Schmidt, Rüdiger Schultz, Robert SchwarzORCiD, Jonas SchweigerORCiD, Claudia Stangl, Marc Steinbach, Stefan Vigerske, Bernhard Willert
Document Type:Article
Parent Title (English):Optimization Methods and Software
Publisher:Taylor & Francis
Year of first publication:2014
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