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Scientific Information Systems and Metadata

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  • This article begins with a short survey on the history of the classification of knowledge. It briefly discusses the traditional means of keeping track of scientific progress, i.e., collecting, classifying, abstracting, and reviewing all publications in a field. The focus of the article, however, is on modern electronic information and communication systems that try to provide high-quality information by automatic document retrieval or by using metadata, a new tool to guide search engines. We report, in particular, on efforts of this type made jointly by a number of German scientific societies. A full version of this paper including all hypertext references, links to online papers and references to the literature can be found under the URL: {\tt http://elib.zib.de/math.org.softinf.pub} .

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Author:Martin Grötschel, Joachim Lügger
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Tag:Dublin Core; Klassifikation; Math-Net; Metadaten; elektronisches Publizieren
MSC-Classification:94-XX INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION, CIRCUITS / 94Axx Communication, information / 94A15 Information theory, general [See also 62B10, 81P94]
CCS-Classification:H. Information Systems / H.4 INFORMATION SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS / H.4.0 General
Date of first Publication:1998/10/27
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (SC-98-26)
Published in:Appeared in: Classification in the Information Age. Proc. of the 22nd Annual GfKl Conference, Dresden, March 4-6, 1998. W. Gaul, H. Locarek-Junge (eds.) Berlin: Springer 1999. Pp. 3-20
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