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Recent Developments in Chemical Computing.

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  • The paper surveys three aspects of chemical computing, which seem to play a role in recent developments. First, extrapolation methods for the numerical treatment of differential- algebraic equations are introduced. The associated extrapolation code LIMEX has reached a certain level of sophistication, which makes it a real competitor to the elsewhere widely used multi-step code DASSL of Petzold. Second, adaptive methods of lines for partial differential equations such as those arising in combustion problems are treated. Both static and dynamic regridding techniques are discussed in some detail. Finally, some new ideas about the treatment of the kinetic equations arising from polymer reactions are presented. The new feature of the suggested approach is the application of a Galerkin procedure using sets of orthogonal polynomials over a discrete variable (which, of course, in the case of polymer reactions is the polymer degree). The new approach may open the door to a new reliable low dimensional treatment of complex polymer reactions.

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Author:Peter Deuflhard, Ulrich Nowak, Michael Wulkow
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Date of first Publication:1990/06/25
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (SC-90-07)
Published in:Appeared in: Computers Chem. Eng. 14 No. 11, pp. 1249-1258 (1990)
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