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Visualization of Vector Fields in Quantum Chemistry

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  • \small Many interesting phenomena in molecular systems like interactions between macro-molecules, protein-substrate docking, or channeling processes in membranes are gouverned to a high degree by classical Coulomb or van-der-Waals forces. The visualization of these force fields is important for verifying numerical simulations. Moreover, by inspecting the forces visually we can gain deeper insight into the molecular processes. Up to now the visualization of vector fields is quite unusual in computational chemistry. In fact many commercial software packages do not support this topic at all. The reason is not that vector fields are considered unimportant, but mainly because of the lack of adequate visualization methods. In this paper we survey a number of methods for vector field visualization, ranging from well-known concepts like arrow or streamline plots to more advanced techniques like line integral convolution, and show how these can be applied to computational chemistry. A combination of the most meaningful methods in an interactive 3D visualization environment can provide a powerful tool box for analysing simulations in molecular dynamics.

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Author:Detlev Stalling, Thomas Steinke
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Date of first Publication:1996/02/05
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (SC-96-01)
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