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Numerical Simulation of Relaxation Oscillations of Waveguide-Lasers.

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  • An analysis of relaxation oscillations in local Er-doped optically pumped lasers is reported. It is based on a time dependent rate equation model for a quasi-two-level-system with wavelength dependent emission- and absorption cross-sections. For the first time a numerically reliable simulation of the characteristic laser behaviour was possible: the onset and decay of the oscillations, the time-dependent repetition period and the steady state signal output power. The characteristic waveguide parameters, as the erbium-concentration profile, the polarization dependent pump- and signal mode intensity profiles, the scattering losses, the cavity length and the front and rear reflectivities were all taken into account. The basic formulas are general and can also be used for Er-doped fiber lasers. Mathematically the problem can be characterized as a large boundary value problem, which can approximately be replaced by a stiff initial value problem of ordinary differential equations. The used algorithmic replacement procedure is motivated and discussed in detail. Here, pump- and signal evolution versus time are presented for an planar Er-diffused $\rm Ti$:$\rm LiNbO_{3}$ waveguide laser. The numerically obtained results show a nearly quantitative agreement with experimental investigations. Simultanously they supply knowledge about non-measureable (space-dependent population dynamic of the Er-atoms) and till today not measured data (dynamical response of the laser by a sharp peak in the external pump).

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Author:Christof Schütte, Andreas Hohmann, Manfred Dinand
Document Type:ZIB-Report
Date of first Publication:1993/06/15
Series (Serial Number):ZIB-Report (SC-93-14)
Published in:Has been included in: Dinand, M.; Schütte, C.: Theoretical Modelling of Relaxation Oscillations in Er-doped Waveguide-Lasers. J. Lightw. Tech. 13, 1995
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