“I Suspect Somewhat of Peculiar in His Way of Ciphering”

  • The British Library holds, in the legacy of John Wallis, six ciphered letters from the French Court to Count Lauzun in Ireland. Five of them, undecipherable by Wallis, were from Minister of War Louvois; their contents are still considered unknown today. However, not only is the plaintext copy of one of these letters held by the Service historique de la défense in Vincennes, but also is the nomenclator used for all five to be found in the Bibliothèque nationale de Paris. Another letter from Naval Minister Seignelay to Lauzun, which Wallis was able to decipher to a large extent, can be found in the Archives nationales de France. In this article, all six letters are published in plaintext, four of them possibly for the first time.

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GND-Schlagwort:Lauzun, Antonin Nompar de Caumont de; Louvois, François-Michel Le Tellier de; Seignelay, Jean-Baptiste Colbert de; Wallis, John; Williamite War in Ireand; Nomenclator
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