Help on individual elements of the publishing form

Contact details of the uploader (compulsory field)
Please provide your contact details in case of questions. These are only stored internally.

Author (compulsory field)
Please list here all authors of the text in the order used for publishing. Authors are those persons responsible for creating the intellectual property, e.g. authors of text documents, artists, photographers or illustrators in the case of graphical documents. When registering titles, in case of doubt, the publisher's name can also be included here.
When uploading an essay which has been printed in a journal with the authors listed as, for example, “Meier, Martin / Müller, Martina / Schulze, Sabrina”, please use the same order for the authors here, even if you are Sabrina Schulze.
Please provide – where possible – the email addresses of all authors.

Language of publication (compulsory field)
Please indicate the language of your text here. Please choose one of the main languages in the event of multilingual texts.

Title (compulsory field)
Please fill in the title (and subtitle, where applicable) of your document here in the format “Title. Subtitle". In particular with online publications, it is advisable to also list the title in other languages (e.g. English), so that your publication can be found better by search engines. You can click on the button to add more titles (or delete them again).

Title of the main work /the journal
Please enter the title (and subtitle, where applicable) of the journal here in the format "Title. Subtitle".
Please enter the title (and subtitle, where applicable) of the collected works here in the format "Title. Subtitle".

Title and/or number of the volume for works spanning multiple volumes
The volume title must only be indicated if every volume in a work spanning multiple volumes has its own title. For example, if your text appears in "Encyclopedia of Food Research, Volume 2: The Tomato in the Early Modern Age", please enter "The Tomato in the Early Modern Age" in the field "Volume Title".

Summary / Abstract (up to 2000 characters)
You can enter a short summary of your text here. This makes other people's literature research easier. In databases and scientific search engines, the abstract field is normally always searched, even if the full text is not searched. This means that your text is significantly easier to find, if you enter an informative summary here.
The description may not exceed 2000 characters. It can be entered into the field directly from the document using the "copy" and "paste" functions. If no description of the contents has been created, the introduction, summary, table of contents, etc. can be used instead here. You can click on the button to add more abstracts in other languages.

Peer Review
Please select "yes" if the article has appeared in a scientific peer-reviewed journal. Here, peer review means a competitive, anonymous process leading to a vote on the acceptance or rejection of a contribution to a journal or collected works.

Year of publication
Please enter the year of publication of your document. With peer-reviewed journals, it is often the case that articles are already accessible on the publisher's website before they actually appear in print. In such cases, please enter the year of publication here, and enter the "online appearance" date in the field "Potential date of online publication".

Date of online publication
Please enter here when your text may be published on the server at the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences. If your text has not already been published elsewhere yet, please enter today's date.
However, this field is also relevant if you want to publish your text in OPUS, but it has already been published elsewhere. The publishers often only allow open access publication on university servers after expiry of a specific period. In such cases, please indicate here the earliest date on which your document may be published.
You don't have to wait until the exclusivity period is finished before registering your title! You can upload your document immediately – we will automatically publish it only once it is legally permissible.
Detailed information on these exclusivity periods is usually found in the publishing contract which you signed before the publication. If you do not know or cannot determine the exclusivity period, you can check on SHERPA/RoMEO list which exclusivity period is typically applicable to articles published by the relevant publisher.

Please enter here the number of pages + supplements or the size (= file size). Entries for essays to be in the following format: "first page – last page". Supplements are, for example, cards or CDs. If you do not know the number of pages, please enter the file size in KB or MB.

Editor and/or publishing institution
This is a person between author and publisher, carrying out a function mainly comprised of checking and collating contributions to collected works (e.g. lexicons, journals, series of publications). If personal intellectual creativity is involved, then the person providing these services (usually the editor) has intellectual property rights to the collected works, which depend in turn on the intellectual property rights of the authors.
If the work is not by a person, but was issued by an institution or in the framework of a congress, please fill in the institution or the congress details in this field (e.g. "XY Foundation" / input for conference details: name of the conference, number of attendees, year, location).

Involved person
These are additional person(s) to those who have been named in the fields for author and/or editor or publisher. They have made a significant contribution to the resource, but which is secondary in relation to that of the author and/or editor (e.g. co-author, translator, illustrator, also head of conference, host/presenter, sponsors, event organisers, etc.).
Please enter the function of the persons involved (such as sub-editor, translator, illustrator, editor...) after their surnames e.g. Meier, editor; Schmidt, illustrator; …. You can click on the button to add more entries (or delete them again).
This information is not compulsory, but highly desirable, in the event that multiple people were involved in various roles in creating the document.

Supervisor, date of final examination, title issuing institution
These details are only required for final theses (dissertation, habilitation, study papers in R&D project).The title issuing institution must not be the same as that of the publishing institution (e.g. dissertation: title issuing institution = university, publishing institution = Rosenheim TUAS). If your institution is not available to be selected, please record this in the notes field.

Volume, issue
These details are only required for articles in journals, series and complete journal volumes. You will find the information on the cover or in the imprint. When registering titles of the publisher of a journal, the information on the issue or volume of appearance is entered here. If your essay appears in a journal without year or volume number, you may leave this field blank.

Publication series of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences
If your text appears in a publication series of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, you can select this here from the drop-down menu. If available, please only enter the volume number of the publication series of Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences.

Please enter the edition here, e.g. "2nd edition" or "3rd fully revised edition". You do not need to enter anything here if it is the first edition.

Place of publication
Please enter here where the publisher for whom your document appeared is located. For online publications, which are to be published in OPUS, please enter "Rosenheim" here.

Here you can enter the terms of your choice, which best describe the contents of your publication. It is recommended that you select at least three to five informative keywords in both German and English.

Faculty / organisational unit
Please select which faculty the authors belong to. If you cannot allocate the publication to a faculty, please select your organisation. You can click on the button to add more organisations (or delete them again). The details are important for the publications statistics of the individual faculties/ organisations.

Here you decide the conditions under which you wish to make your publication available to the public. Further information on the different licences can be found in the help menu under "Legal".

Please use this field for further details of your publication which you didn't enter elsewhere, and for any comments, questions, tips and suggested improvements. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Publishing contract
In order to publish full texts on the publications server, you must complete and sign our publishing contract, and hand it in at the Centre for Research, Development and Transfer FAO Christoph Jäger. You will find this form on the intranet at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences under "Einrichtungen -> Forschung & Entwicklung -> Allgemeines -> Veröffentlichungsvertrag für OPUS".