How do I publish my work here?

With its publications server, the Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences offers you the opportunity to publish your documents as a full text, or to just list the bibliographic data of the publication for documentation purposes.

Your publication is usually published as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. The formatting of the publication should meet normal standards for academic works.

Click on “Publish” to register your document:

Step 1: Initially, you are required to select a document type from a list. Directly below this, you can upload your file(s). When simply registering the title of your publication, no file must be uploaded. Thereafter, read the guidelines provided, and indicate your consent by ticking the box. To complete the upload, click on “send”. Thereafter, the actual form appears. It is important that you also hand in the completed and signed publishing contract at the library. This can be found on the intranet at Institutions -> Library.

Step 2: In the publishing form, you are requested to fill in various data about your publication (so-called “metadata”), which facilitates classification in catalogues and other bibliographic references. Depending on the document type, some fields are compulsory and must be filled in. Please complete the upload form as comprehensively and accurately as possible, to prevent errors e.g. mixing up the full names of attributed authors.

Step 3: To finalise the data capture, your input is displayed once more, and you have three options: you can choose to edit your data, abort the process, or save the data.

Step 4: After it has been saved, your data – and the uploaded file, where applicable – are kept in interim storage. Your electronic publication is only released and made publicly accessible once it has been formally approved by the university R&D department.

If you would like to abort the publications process, please click on “Cancel”. Please do not simply close the window, as an OPUS ID is already created once the document type has been selected, and the temporary files are not deleted by closing the window. In the long term, this can cause confusion for the administrators of the internal databases.

Final theses, which are written in the course of an R&D project run at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences, can only be accepted on the recommendation of the student's supervisor/project leader. This recommendation must be confirmed by an informal written application. In general, final theses are published through the publications service of the library at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences.