Quoting publications from the publications server / URN

Publications via the publications server at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences are equivalent to conventional publications and are thereby also able to be quoted. Acceptable standards should be maintained when quoting, e.g. ISO 690. More information on this topic can be found online, including at open access server SciDok and

All documents are allocated a URN - Uniform Resource Name. The purpose of the URN is to ensure stable identification and location of your document. The URL identifies the (physical) location where the resource is stored. The URN, on the other hand, identifies not where the file is saved, but an entry at the URN resolver at the German National Library, in which the URN and its related (current) URL are stored. The advantage: the URN remains valid, even if the physical location of the resource changes (e.g. when moved to another server).

Specify the URN wherever you quote your publication. Unfortunately, URNs cannot yet be accessed directly via web browsers. Rather, they must first be translated into URLs. This task is performed by the resolving service at the German National Library:

The URN must be "packaged" as a URL, so that the web browser can send them to the intermediary resolver. Therefore, in order to access the document, the name of the resolver must be prefixed to the URN.

URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:861-opus-XXXX