Generalized Delaunay Partitions and Composite Material Modeling

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  • Given a system of closed convex domains (inclusions) in n-dimensional Euclidean space, new computational meshes are introduced which partition the convex hull of the inclusion set into simple geometric objects. These partitions generalize the concept of Delaunay triangulations by interpreting the inclusions as generalized vertices while the remaining elements of the partition serve as connections between generalized vertices and therefore assume the classical role of edges, faces, etc. The proposed partitions are derived in two different ways: by exploiting duality with respect to certain generalized Voronoi partitions and by generalizing the well known Delaunay (empty circumcircle) criterion. Generalized Delaunay partitions are of practical importance for the modeling of particle- and fiber-reinforced composite materials since they enable an efficient conforming resolution of the highly complicated component geometries. The number of elements in the partitions is proportional to the number of inclusions which is minimal.

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Author:Daniel Peterseim
Referee:Carsten Carstensen
Date of first Publication:2010/11/02
Institute:Research Center Matheon
Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin
Preprint Number:690
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