Minimal Metabolic Behaviors and the Reversible Metabolic Space

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  • We present a new mathematical approach to metabolic pathway analysis, characterizing a metabolic network by minimal metabolic behaviors and the reversible metabolic space. Our method uses an outer description of the steady state flux cone, based on sets of irreversible reactions. This is different from existing approaches, such as elementary flux modes or extreme pathways, which use an inner description, based on sets of generating vectors. The resulting description of the flux cone is much more compact. By focussing on the reversible and irreversible reactions, our approach provides a different view of the network, which may also lead to new biological insights.

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Author:Abdelhalim Larhlimi, Alexander Bockmayr
Referee:G√ľnter M. Ziegler
Date of first Publication:2005/12/19
Institute:Freie Universität Berlin
Preprint Number:299

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