Open Access

Definition of the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI):
"Open Access means that this literature should be free of charge and publicly accessible on the Internet, so that interested people can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search and refer to full texts and otherwise use them in any conceivable legal way, with no financial, legal, or technical barriers beyond those associated with Internet access itself. In all issues of reproduction, distribution and copyright, the only limitation should be to give authors control over their work and to ensure that their work is properly recognized and cited." (Budapest Open Access Initiative, 2002)

Open access publications should therefore:

  • enable immediate access for all people,
  • generate attention to the scientific output of the researchers,
  • facilitate fast publication and access,
  • clarify possibilities for further use (see usage licenses for HSDopus - )
  • provide research transparency.

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HSDopus basically enables the publication of scientific results. A quality check, e.g. by means of a peer review process, does not take place as standard. Publications that have been checked, however, are marked with "quality assurance" in the metadata of the title display.