Document Types

working paper/research paper

  • is a public scientific publication that is either published by the institution in which the research takes place or was produced on behalf of an institution. This type of publication also includes: expert opinions, research and final reports from public institutions, scientific expertise and studies

Article in a Collection/Book Chapter

  • Documents that appear as a chapter or article in a collective work

Bachelor Thesis

  • describes the lowest level of a thesis (usually after 3 years of study)
  • Approval by the examiner is required for publication - exception: thesis from FB SK with a grade of 1.0

Book (Monography)

  • Document type is intended for classic monographic works.


  • describes the highest level of a thesis that is equivalent to or higher than a dissertation, but does not follow the Bologna Convention. Habilitation theses are also included


  • describes a series of visual representations that give the impression of movement when they are shown one after the other. Examples are animations, films, television programs, videos, zoetropics or the visual representation of a simulation


  • describes a periodical in the classic sense of a scientific journal

Conference Publication

  • contains all types of documents related to a conference (conference papers, conference reports, conference lectures, contributions to conference proceedings, conference contributions, abstracts, volumes of conference contributions, posters of conferences)

Master Thesis

  • the document type Master Thesis describes the middle level of a thesis and also includes theses from before the beginning of the Bologna Process which are at the same level as the current Master's degree


  • provisional scientific or technical papers that may appear in a scientific journal or as part of a book


  • is intended for everything that does not fit in any of the existing document types (e.g. instructions, flyers, brochures)

Study Work

  • means text-based elaborations that are created during a course of study (house and seminar reports, investigation and project reports) and are not classified as final theses

Scientific Article

  • includes documents that have been published as articles, editorials, editorial, register, table of contents or editorial part in a scientific journal or a scientific periodicum
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