Letter of Acceptance / Author's contract for publication

The right holders must agree to the use in a handwritten declaration of consent.

Students who want to publish their seminar / work tom papers or thesis must prove the approval of the reviewer on the declaration of consent.

Required Documents for Publication

Letter of Acceptance
Specification of the metadata (useful when submitting via email or USB flash drive)
Attention: Page 3 of the letter of acceptance only has to be completed for theses or seminar work.
In order to complete the publication, it must be signed by the university library.

  • Information
  • z. H. Stefanie Söhnitz
  • University Library of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences
  • Münsterstr. 156, Building 1, Room E.002
  • 40476 Düsseldorf


When published, your documents can be researched by various sources, currently including:
  • Search engines such as Google and Google Scholar
  • OAIster - Search in about 1.100 freely accessible document servers worldwide
  • BASE - Bielefeld University's multidisciplinary search engine for scientific Internet sources
  • Catalog of the library association NRW = HBZ
  • Catalog of the German National Library (with the exception of dependent works, e.g. essays)
  • Catalog of the university library of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences (with the exception of dependent works, e.g. essays)
  • Worldcat (with the exception of dependent works, e.g. essays)

Exploitation Rights

With an online publication on the publication server of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, the exploitation rights of the published work for all uses remain with the previous right holders, this means with the authors of the work or, in case of a transfer of rights by the author, with the editors or users of the work. The right holders simply transfer the simple right of use for online publication and the rights necessary for digital long-term archiving to the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. The authors therefore retain the right to print the work elsewhere or to publish it online.

Rights of Use

For documents that are offered in electronic form via data networks, the provisions of the Copyright Act (UrhG) apply, unless the author or right holder has agreed special conditions for certain exploitation rights by granting a Creative Commons license. According to paragraph 53 of the Copyright Act, the reader is entitled to make personal copies and printouts for his own scientific or non-commercial use. In addition, the limitations of the Copyright Act (§§ 44a - 63a UrhG) apply. Any further use requires author´s explicit, prior and written approval. The user is responsible for compliance with legal requirements. He can be held responsible for misuse.