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Optimization of Sound Spatialization Resource Management through Clustering

  • Level-of-detail is a concept well-known in computer graphics to reduce the number of rendered polygons. Depending on the distance to the subject (viewer), the objects’ representation is changed. A similar concept is the clustering of sound sources for sound spatialization. Clusters can be used to hierarchically organize mixelsand to optimize the use of resources, by grouping multiple sources together into a single representative source. Such a clustering process should minimize the error of position allocation of elements, perceived as angle and distance, and also differences between velocity relative to the sink (i.e., Doppler shift). Objects with similar direction of motion and speed (relative to sink) in the same acoustic resolution cone and with similar distance to a sink can be grouped together.

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Author: Jens Herder
Fachbereich/Einrichtung:Hochschule Düsseldorf / Fachbereich - Medien
Document Type:Article
Year of Completion:1999
Parent Title (German):Journal of the 3D-Forum Society
First Page:59
Last Page:65
Tag:Resource Management; Sound Spatialization; audio rendering; clustering, and human perception
Licence (German):keine Lizenz - nur Metadaten
Release Date:2019/02/11