Important information!

This upload page is locked due to the migration to the new OPEN FAU platform. For important, deadline-relevant documents such as dissertations, please note the following in the period from 4th to at least 31st October:

Please send us the PDF file of your dissertation, the print approval form ("Druckfreigabe"), the publication contract(+blocking notice, if applicable) as well as the metadata submission form via cloud storage such as FAUbox (FAUbox can be used free of charge provided you still have access to your IdM account/login). Please provide download links to individual files or an entire folder rather than inviting individual members of our team to the folders (help/instructions can be found here: FAUbox help page).

If you do not have access to a cloud storage, please contact to obtain an upload option. For document types other than dissertations, please also contact should they be urgent.

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