A switch for epitaxial graphene electronics: Utilizing the silicon carbide substrate as transistor channel

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  • Due to the lack of graphene transistors with large on/off ratio, we propose a concept employing both epitaxial graphene and its underlying substrate silicon carbide (SiC) as electronic materials. We demonstrate a simple, robust, and scalable transistor, in which graphene serves as electrodes and SiC as a semiconducting channel. The common interface has to be chosen such that it provides favorable charge injection. The insulator and gate functionality is realized by an ionic liquid gate for convenience but could be taken over by a solid gate stack. On/off ratios exceeding 44000 at room temperature are found.

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Author:Florian Krach, Stefan Hertel, D. Waldmann, Johannes Jobst, Michael Krieger, S. Reshanov, A. Schöner, Heiko B. Weber
Document Type:Article
Year of Completion:2012
Publishing Institution:Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU)
Release Date:2012/11/08
Tag:charge injection; epitaxial layers; graphene; silicon compounds; thin film transistors
Original publication:Applied Physics Letters 100.12 (2012): 07.11.2012 <http://apl.aip.org/resource/1/applab/v100/i12/p122102_s1>
Institutes:Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät -ohne weitere Spezifikation-
Dewey Decimal Classification:Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / Physik / Physik
PACS-Classification:80.00.00 INTERDISCIPLINARY PHYSICS AND RELATED AREAS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY / 85.00.00 Electronic and magnetic devices; microelectronics; Vacuum tubes, see 84.47.+w; Microwave tubes, see 84.40.Fe; Phototubes, see 85.60.Ha; Conductors, resistors, and inductors, see 84.32.Ff, Hh / 85.30.-z Semiconductor devices (for photodiodes, phototransistors, and photoresistors, see 85.60.Dw; for laser diodes, see 42.55.Px) / 85.30.Tv Field effect devices
open_access (DINI-Set):open_access
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