Advantages of publishing in OPUS/OpenAIRE-Compliance

  • Preparation
    Electronic publications can be accessed at any time around the world for free. Bamberg University and the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) as well as the German Rectors' Conference hence recommend publishing online in accordance with open access principles.
  • Listing
    Your publication can be found by doing a simple internet search. In addition, it will be listed in the Online Catalogue, the Catalogue of the Library Association of Bavaria, in academic search engines such as BASE and in national and international databases. You can, of course, use the search options in OPUS.
  • Archiving and long-term availability
    Your electronic publication will be permanently saved as a PDF file on the Bamberg OPUS server. We will register a Uniform Resource Name (URN) for your text at the German National Library. Your publication will be permanently accessible under this address. Hence, can be cited without a problem.
    In addition, electronic documents are forwarded to the archives server of the German National Library and permanently stored there.
  • Save time and money
    For you, this service is free of charge. Your document will be published online after Library staff has checked it briefly; it can be cited right away. Print copies of your document can also be published simultaneously through the University of Bamberg Press speedily and at a low cost.