Publications Agreement

When you register your title with the University bibliography, please do not select an agreement.

The Publications Agreement describes the legal relationship between you as the author and the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg, acting on behalf of the Bamberg University Library as the publisher.
Your document can only be published (i.e. released in OPUS) after the signed Agreement has been submitted to the University Library.

You can choose from the publication agreements listed below for following document types: Books (Monographs), Dissertations, Habilitations, Bachelor's Theses, Master's Theses, and Final Papers.

Once you are done filling in this form, your details will be confirmed and a link to the selected agreement will be shown. Please click on the link, print the agreement and submit it to the branch library of your choice to the attention of the Publications Office or send it directly to this address: Publikationswesen, Postfach 2705, 96018 Bamberg.