Copyright and right of use

Only online publications require you to confirm the copyright, publications agreement, and licences; this is not required for registering a title.

Copyright law fully applies to electronic documents that are made available in data networks.

In particular, the following points apply:
The material may only be copied or printed for private or otherwise personal use (Art. 53 of the Copyright Act). Otherwise, material may only be reproduced and distributed with express prior permission of the author.

The user himself is responsible for adhering to the respective legal provisions and may be held liable in case of breach.

There are licences that rule the rights of use of your publication. This is how you determine who can distribute, change or otherwise use your publication under which conditions.

Independent of which licence you choose, the copyright of your publication lies with you. It is not for sale; the only way a third party can receive it is through an inheritance (Article 29 German Copyright Act, UrhG). As the author/owner you can decide whether or not your work gets published and who can use it under which conditions.

The copyright is the basis for royalties of Verwertungsgesellschaft Wort (VG Wort). Click here for more information.