Please tick the box when registering a title with the University bibliography.
If you want to publish full texts you must click on the respective buttons for Articles in a Magazine or Collection, Preprints, Part of a Book or Magazine, to confirm that you hold the rights to the uploaded document.
By ticking the box, you confirm the following: The author or authors alone hold the rights to the uploaded file. By publishing the document and any other text and/or images of third parties contained therein, the rights of such parties are not infringed. The holder of the rights declares that he shall immediately inform the Bamberg University Library in case of doubt or if presumed or actual legal obstacles should arise in this respect. The Bamberg University Library and possibly the German National Library as well as respective special collection libraries will be allowed to save the document and its metadata and to publish it online in data networks and, if necessary, to convert them into other data formats.