University bibliography

The University bibliography lists the publications of the members of the University of Bamberg. Since 2012, titles for the University bibliography have been registered and listed in OPUS directly. From 1981 to 2011, the University library was maintained in LARS, a data base system which is now out of date. The old data will be gradually migrated into OPUS.The difference in the set-up of the data base system and the necessary adaptations in the course of the migration have the following consequences on the data from before 2012:
  • In the field for the Author(s), only people who are (or were) members of the Otto Friedrich University are listed. Any other contributors are listed in the so-called "Verfasserangabe"; searching for them is not possible.
  • The people mentioned in the field for the Author(s) may have contributed to the publication in different ways, e.g. as an editor.
  • In LARS, no differentiation was made between different types of documents; now they had to be allocated automatically. The result of this was that all essays were allocated as articles in a collection / postprint, even if they were published in a journal.

We are happy that we will soon be able to make the University bibliography available to you once again in its entirety and that you will be able to search it fully. We are working on removing any glitches that were the result of the migration process. If you have any questions or hints regarding the data, please feel free to contact us.