Registering titles for the University bibliography

Please ensure that the data you enter is as complete and correct as possible. If you enter the complete name of an author, you can avoid a mix-up of authors.

In the form, enter the necessary details about the content of the document and a formal description of it. Once members of staff of the University Library have formally checked the bibliographical details, they will be added to the OPUS server and thus be made publically accessible. In the process, the bibliographical data is also adjusted to current standards for alphabetical cataloguing in academic libraries. At the end of the forms, you may use the field for remarks to add further details about your publication which you were not able to add in any other field.

Files do not need to be uploaded if it is only a title registration. There is no need to select licences and the Library does not require a Publications Agreement.

However, you are welcome to make the full text available in OPUS4 while you are registering your publication for the bibliography (s. see secondary publication).

You may also still request that the full texts be made available even after the literature citation has already been released. First select the correct document type under "Veröffentlichen/Titelmeldung" and then upload the file or files. Fill in the bare necessities in the respective publication form and add the URL of the released literature citation where it says "URL;URN,DOI". In the field for remarks (Anmerkungen) add "Nachträgliche Veröffentlichung" (late publication). Please see ("Secondary publication"). The full text will then be linked to the literature citation.

Once your title registration has been released in OPUS, you will be notified by email.