Publishing Process / VG Wort

The University Library offers two ways to publish your documents: online-only publications in OPUS or a combined print and online publication which will be published through the University's own publishing house, the University of Bamberg Press.

You publication will be published as a PDF file (Portable Document Format). For publications with the University of Bamberg Press, you must adhere to the formatting in our style sheets. The formatting of documents uploaded in OPUS needs to meet the required standards of academic papers.

Documents are predominantly offered in a uniform document format that is platform-independent. For the majority of document types, it is a PDF file (Portable Document Format) as it offers the most advantages. Other acceptable file formats include: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), zip, vob, mp3, mp4.

You can register your document by selecting "Veröffentlichung / Titelmeldung" (Publishing/registering title). Your details and the full text(s) will be uploaded into the intermediate memory of OPUS. Please fill in all of the required fields in the form, including the content and a formal description of the document. Once staff members at the University Library have formally checked your electronic publication, it is pushed live on the OPUS server and thus made accessible publically. When your document has gone live in OPUS, you will be notified by email.

Before your full text can be fully released at the point of publishing, depending on the type of document, you either need to tick the copyright box or submit a printed and signed copy of the Publication Agreement, stating:

  • that the University Library has the right to save the document, make it publically accessible in data networks, and convert it into other document formats, if necessary, and
  • that the publication of this document does not infringe the rights of third parties.

Your electronic document will be listed in the Online Catalogue, the Catalogue of the Bavarian Association, and the University bibliography. All documents are PUBLICLY accessible on the internet. They cannot be made available to a select audience only.

VG Wort

Works that are published electronically in OPUS can be registered with the "Verwertungsgesellschaft VG Wort" for the special distribution of funds. It is up to the author of the electronic paper to sign up for this. The tracking bug of VG Wort is still under criticism and no OPUS body has used it so far.