Components in the publication form

Components in the publication form

Contact details of submitter (mandatory field)
Please leave your contact details with us in case we have any questions for you. Your details will only be stored internally.

Author (mandatory field)
Please name all authors of the text in the same order as they appear in the publication. The person or persons who are responsible for the intellectual content are called authors, for example authors of text documents, artists, photographers, and illustrators of graphic documents. If you upload an essay that has appeared in a magazine and the authors were listed as: "Meyer, Marc / Miller, Marty / Smith, Sabrina", please enter all names in the same order, even if you are Sabrina Smith.
Please indicate the email addresses of all authors, if necessary.

Please select which Chair the author(s) belong to. By clicking on the "Chair/Professorship" button, you will be taken to a list of chairs within a faculty. If you cannot allocate the publication to a chair, please select your faculty or institute. If you click on the button, additional institutes can be added (or removed).
This is important for the publication statistics of the individual institutes, and for many members of the University; it determines how resources are distributed.

Language of the publication (mandatory field)
Please indicate the language of your text. If it comes in more than one language, please choose one of them.

Title (mandatory field)
Please indicate the title and, if applicable, the subtitle of your document this way: "Title. Subtitle."
For online publications in particular, it is useful to indicate the title in another language as well (for example in English) so that your publication can be found more easily in search machines. By clicking on the button, you can add further titles (or delete them).

Title and/or number of volume for multi-volume works
You only have to indicate the title of the volume if every volume of a given multi-volume work has a title of its own. For example, if your text has previously been printed in the "Lexicon of Balloon Research, Volume 2: The Balloon of the Modern Age", please put "The Balloon of the Modern Age" where it says "Titel des Bandes" (i.e. title of the volume).

Editor and/or other people involved
Definition: Any other person(s), in addition to the ones listed under “Verfasser” (author) and/or Urheber (originator). Although they have significantly contributed to the resource, it’s secondary in relation to the authors and/or originators (e.g. co-authors, editors, translators, illustrators, but also conference hosts, moderators, sponsors, event organisers, etc.)
Please indicate the role of the persons involved (such as editor, translator, illustrator, deskman, etc.) after their last name, e.g. Meier, editor; Schmidt, illustrator; and so on. By clicking on the button, you can add more (or delete them). Application note: this is not mandatory but desirable to have if several people contributed to the creation of the document and filled multiple roles in doing so.

Publishing institution
If the work is not published by an individual but rather by an institution or as part of a conference, please indicate the name of the institution or the conference details in this field (e.g. "ABC trust"/ Entry of conference details: title and number of the conference, year, location).
Definition: The organisations that are responsible for the content of the document. Organisations (called "Körperschaften", i.e. bodies in the terminology of libraries), are usually responsible for the intellectual content if it is a group of authors or no individual authors are listed in the document (such as examination regulations, etc.)

Advisor, date of final exam, name of awarding institution
These details are only necessary for final papers (such as dissertations as well as habilitation, bachelor's and master's theses). The institution that awards the title and the issuing institution do not have to be identical.

Year of publication
Please indicate the year in which your document was first published.
In the case of peer-reviewed magazines, articles are often available online on the homepage of the publishers before they are actually printed in the magazine. If so, please use the year the magazine was published, and add the online publishing date where it says "Mögliches Datum der Online-Veröffentlichung" (Possible date of the online publication).

Parent title
Please indicate the title and, if applicable, the subtitle of the journal this way: "Title. Subtitle"
Please indicate the title and, if applicable, the subtitle of the volume this way: "Title. Subtitle"

Volume, issue
These details are only necessary for articles in magazine and full magazine issues. You will find the details you need either on the cover or in the "Impressum”. If your essay is published in a magazine that doesn't count volumes or issues, you can leave this field empty.

Please indicate the number of pages and inserts or the volume (size of your file). For essays use this format: "First page - Last page". Inserts are maps or CDs, for example. If you do not know the number of pages, please put in the size of the file in KB or MB.

Series of the University of Bamberg
If your text has been published in a series at the University of Bamberg, you can select it in the drop-down menu. If your contribution was published in other series, please add the title in the field for other series (Andere Schriftenreihe).
If you know it, just indicate the number of the volume of the series at Bamberg University please. Volume numbers of other series need to be put in the field for other series (Andere Schriftenreihe).

Other series
Please indicate in which series the volume was published if the series is not published at Bamberg University or if you cannot find the title of the series in the drop-down menu of the series. After the title of the series, add the number of the volume of the series.
For example: name of the series ; 3

Please put the number of the edition here, e.g. "2nd edition" or "3rd, completely revised edition". Leave this field empty, if this is the first edition.

Place of Publication
Please indicate where the publisher that first published your document is based. For online publications that are published in OPUS, use "Bamberg".

Please enter the ISBN if you have one. If you are publishing your text at the University of Bamberg Press, you do not need to fill in this field. We will issue the ISBN for your publication and add it here.

Abstract (up to 2000 characters)
Definition: A description of the content of the resource, including an abstract for document-style resources, or content descriptions in the case of graphic resources. The character limit is 2,000. You can cut and paste it from the document into the space reserved for it. If no content description exists, you can copy the introduction, a summary or the table of content, etc. instead.
If you are going to add a short summary of your text, it will make it easier for others to find it. In databases and academic search machines, the abstract field is usually searched as well, even if the full text of the document is not. That means your text can be much more easily found if you provide a meaningful and concise summary.
By clicking on the button, you may add further abstracts in other languages. Prior to the publication, all English abstracts are proof-read by an English language expert.

You can freely choose terms that describe your publication. We recommend that you use three to five meaningful terms in German and English.
Furthermore, University Library staff will add fixed keywords to your publication, in accordance with the guidelines for the keyword catalogue.

This is where you decide under which conditions you want to make your publication available to the public. For more information about the individual licences, please click here.

Publication Agreement
If you are registering a title for the University bibliography, you do not need to select an agreement.
The following publication agreements are offered to you for the following document types: book (monograph); dissertation; habilitation, bachelor's or master's thesis; final paper:

  • "Veröffentlichungen im Verlag UBP" (Publications at UBP) - Please select this agreement if you wish to publish your document with the University of Bamberg Press.
  • OPUS publications (apart from final papers): If the document will not be published at UBP and if it is not a final paper, please select this agreement for its publication.
  • Final papers (dissertations; habilitation, bachelor's and masters' theses; final papers): Please select this agreement if you are going to publish a final paper in OPUS. Your signature is required as well as that of your mentor who thus confirms that he agrees to the publication.
  • Preliminary Confirmation pursuant to Section 14 PROMO GUK + HUWI: Please select this agreement only for dissertations if you wish to have a preliminary dissertation.
After you have completed the form, your details will be confirmed and you will see a link to the agreement you have selected. Click on the link, print the agreement and submit it at any of the branch libraries. Address it to the publications office or send it directly to the University Library at: Universitätsbibliothek, Publikationswesen, Postfach 2705, 96018 Bamberg.

If you wish to publish full texts, and if it is an article in a magazine or volume, a preprint, a part of a book, or a journal, you will need to confirm that you hold the rights to the uploaded document by ticking the checkbox.
By clicking on the button, you confirm the following: The author(s) have the exclusive right to the uploaded document. By publishing the document, including quoted text and/or images therein, the rights of third parties are not infringed. The rights holder avers that he or she will immediately inform the Bamberg University Library in case of doubt or if supposed or actual legal hindrances occur. The University Library, and possibly the German National Library and the respective specialist libraries, have the right to save the document and the attached metadata and to make them accessible to the general public in data networks and, if needed, to convert the file(s) into a different format.

Date of the online publication
Please insert the date when your text can be published on the Bamberg University server. If your text has never been published anywhere else, please use today's date.
This field is also relevant if you wish to publish your text in OPUS even though it has already been published elsewhere. Often, publishers will not allow open access publications on a university server until a given blocking period has elapsed. In this case, please use the date when your document may be published at the earliest.
To register the title, you do not have to wait until the blocking period is over! You are welcome to upload your document directly. We will automatically publish it when it is legally possible.
Details about those blocking periods are usually to be found in the Publication Agreement which you signed prior to the publication. If you do not have it on hand, you can refer to the SHERPA/RoMEO list to see which blocking period normally applies to a given agreement. If you have any questions, please contact the University Library team.

Please use this field to add further details about your publication that you could not fit in any other field, such as comments, questions, tips, and suggestions for improvements. Naturally, you can also call us or send us an email.