Available document types

The following document types are available:

  • Working Papers
    The document type Working Papers [Workingpaper] describes preliminary academic or technical paper that is to be published in a series within an institution (also research paper, research memorandum, discussion paper).
  • Articles in a Collection
    The document type Article is used for documents that were published as an article, lead articles, editorials, registers, tables of content or editorial section of a monographic collection, for example a handbook, lexicon, collection of essays, convention publication (postprints).
  • Article in a Journal
    The document type Article [Article] is used for documents that were published as an article, lead article, editorial, register, table of content or editorial section of a journal, newspaper or periodical (postprints).
  • Bachelor's or Master's Thesis / Final Paper
    Bachelor's Thesis [Bachelor's Thesis]: lowest level of a final paper
    Master's Thesis [Master's Thesis] Level 2 of a final paper. This term refers to final papers written before establishment of the Bologna Process for academic grades at the same level that is now known as Masters, such as diploma thesis ("Diplomarbeit"), final papers ("Zulassungsarbeit"), magister thesis.
  • Moving images (Film)
    Moving images (Film) [Moving Image] are a series of visual images that leave the impression of motion when they are shown in sequence, for example animations, films, video clips, or visual images in a simulation.
  • Book (monograph)
    The document type Book (monograph) [Book] is to be used for classic monographic works.
  • Dissertation
    The document type Dissertation [Dissertation] is used for the highest possible final paper, which is on the same level as a dissertation or higher, but not subject to the Bologna convention. This also includes habilitation theses.
  • Habilitation
    For the definition of "habilitation" [Habilitation] , please see dissertation.
  • Issue (a complete issue of a magazine)
    The document type Issue [Issue] is used for classic magazines.
  • Conference Proceedings
    The document type Conference Proceedings [Conference Object] contains all kinds of documents that are used for a conference (conference papers, conference reports, conference lectures, contributions in conference proceedings, conference speeches, abstracts, volumes of conference speeches/contributions, posters of conferences).
  • Preprints
    Preprints [Preprint] are preliminary academic or technical papers that have not been published in a series in an institution but are rather part of a scientific magazine or they appeared as part of a book.
  • Other
    Other [Other] is the category for all other texts that do not fit into any of the existing document types.
  • Part of a Book (chapter)
    The document type "Part of a Book" [Part of a Book] represents documents that were created as part of a monograph, e. g. chapters or contributions to collections.
  • Sound (audio files)
    Sound documents [Sound] are resources that are mostly meant to be listened to, such as music files, audio CDs, voice and sound records. No distinction is made between sounds, noises, and music.
  • Reports
    Reports [report] contain text material that cannot be otherwise categorised, e.g. reviews, repots, external research reports, announcements, statistics, project completion reports, documentations, and instructions.

The description of the different types of documents was mostly taken from the OPUS documentation.
(Source: OPUS 4 Handbook, Version 4.1.2 Documentation Version 1.8, dated 8 Aug 2011)