Dissertations in OPUS / Preliminary Confirmation pursuant to Section 16 of the Doctoral Regulations of the Humanities Faculty and of the Human Sciences and Education Faculty (PROMO GUK + HUWI)

In order to fulfil the publication obligation, the following items must be submitted to the University Library:

In the menu, click on "Veröffentlichen" (Publish) to register your paper and upload your files. For dissertations, the original document (i.e. the file in which you wrote your work) must be saved in OPUS in addition to the PDF document. This file will not be accessible publicly and is only meant for back-up and long-term preservation purposes. Dissertations may only be published after the oral exam has been passed and the approval for printing or a preliminary certificate has been issued!

To ensure that the PDF file and the approved paper copy are identical, you will want to use the PDF file to generate the required printed copies. This way you can be sure that the formatting of the electronic and printed version is identical.

Prior to the final release of your document, the following points need to be confirmed with a printed and signed copy of the Publication Agreement:

  • That the Bamberg University Library has the right to save the document, make it available in data networks, and, if necessary, convert it into other file formats;
  • That the document does not infringe the rights of third parties;
  • That the Doctoral Board has approved the publication and that the form and content of the electronic version are identical with the approved original.

Please submit the Publication Agreement together with the print copies.

together with the print copies.
Afterwards, your dissertation will be published on the server and can then be accessed by others on the web. With its release on the internet, your electronic publication will be listed at the German National Library in Frankfurt/Main, where it is registered with its metadata and goes into the long-term archives.
Your dissertation will be listed in the Online Catalogue, the OPAC of the Bavarian Association, and the University bibliography.

Preliminary confirmation pursuant to Section 16 of the Doctoral Regulations of the Humanities Faculty and of the Human Sciences and Education Faculty (PROMO GUK + HUWI)

In accordance with Section 16, Subsection 3, Sentence 2 of the Doctoral Regulations, the Humanities and the Human Sciences & Education Faculties have made it possible to use the title PhD before the mandatory print copies have been submitted. The PhD student must submit an electronic version of his or her dissertation at the University Library and grant it the right to publish the dissertation in case he or she does not comply with the obligation to publish it within the period stipulated in Section 15, Subsection 3. If the formal conditions have been fulfilled and the file is useable, the University Library will inform the Doctoral Board accordingly, and the Doctoral Certificate can be issued in advance, i.e. prior to the publication. The Agreement, PDF and original files, and the metadata shall be deleted as soon as the PhD student or the commissioned publisher submits the mandatory print copies at the University Library.