Authors/writers/editors in OPUS Bamberg

The OPUS publications server (i.e. Online Publication Server) lists all publications of the members of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg. If allowed by legal conditions there are full texts in OPUS attached to the bibliography.

Title registrations and publications are listed if at least one of the contributors is a member of the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg.

Titles for the University bibliography can be registered by members of Bamberg University at any time. In line with the current listing, each title should be registered individually. If a larger number of titles are transferred for the purpose of registration, the time for processing the registration will increase.

Members of the University of Bamberg can electronically publish academic documents (e.g. books, essays, convention reports or contributions, series, dissertations, final papers...). This free service is available to all academically working members of the University of Bamberg.

PhD students can use OPUS to fulfil their publication obligation. Other final papers are to be published once the supervisor or instructor has agreed to that.