Requirements for the text and layout / templates / style sheet

Style sheets and document layout

There are no plans for style sheets for OPUS publications. The formatting of documents that are to be published in OPUS should meet the requirements of academic papers. At you can find style sheets for longer academic pares and general hits for formatting publications.

Technicality for UBP Publications

If you wish your text to be printed with the University of Bamberg Press (UPB) in addition to it being published online in OPUS, special formatting rules apply. It depends on the series in which your publication will appear and are meant to ensure a homogenous layout of the volumes. Here you can find details about the technicalities that pertain to your paper. "UB Scala", a font specially designed for Bamberg University, is to be used for all UBP publications; you can download it here. (Note: Access only via the University network.) This font may only be used for university purposes.