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Ablation experiments on polyimide with femtosecond laser pulses

  • Some applications of polymer films require the microstructuring of partly uneven substrates. This cannot be achieved by conventional photolithography, usually performed with ultraviolet short-pulse lasers (excimer, fourth harmonic Nd:YAG). When processing thermally sensitive or undoped polymers with low optical absorption, the use of femtosecond laser pulses can improve the ablation precision, also reducing the heat-affected zone. Therefore, a Ti:sapphire laser system was employed to perform ablation experiments on polyimide (PI). The irradiated areas were evaluated by means of optical and scanning electron microscopy. Highly oriented ripple structures, which are related to the polarization state of the laser pulses, were observed in the cavities. The relationship between the ablation threshold fluence and the number of laser pulses applied to the same spot is described in accordance with an incubation model.

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Autoren/innen:Steffen Baudach, Jörn Bonse, Wolfgang Kautek
Titel des übergeordneten Werkes (Englisch):Applied physics A
Jahr der Erstveröffentlichung:1999
Erste Seite:S395
Letzte Seite:S398
Freie Schlagwörter:Ablation; Femtosecond laser; Laser; Polyimide
Veranstaltung:5th International Conference on Laser Ablation ; COLA '99
Veranstaltungsort:Göttingen, Germany
Beginndatum der Veranstaltung:1999-07-19
Enddatum der Veranstaltung:1999-07-23
Verfügbarkeit des Dokuments:Weder Datei noch physisches Exemplar vorhanden ("No Access")
Datum der Freischaltung:19.02.2016
Referierte Publikation:Ja
Datum der Eintragung als referierte Publikation:25.07.2000