National Quality Infrastructures in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from a Multinational Study on Impacts and Institutional Responses of Conformity Assessment Bodies

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has posed new and manifold challenges to organizations and their operations worldwide. Conformity assessment bodies (CABs), such as testing or medical laboratories, certification, and inspection bodies, which are a key part of the Quality Infrastructure and constitute central pillars for trade, health and the innovation system, are also affected by the associated disruptions. However, their services matter more than ever. We present the results of an international survey of 986 CABs of all types in Germany, the UK, Italy, and New Zealand to highlight and compare economic impacts, the resilience of this industry as well as issues of digitalization.

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Autoren/innen:Claudia Koch, Parsa Asna-Ashari
Koautoren/innen:Mona Mirtsch, Knut Blind, Pavel Castka
Jahr der Erstveröffentlichung:2021
Organisationseinheit der BAM:S Qualitätsinfrastruktur
S Qualitätsinfrastruktur / S.2 Akkreditierung und Konformitätsbewertung
DDC-Klassifikation:Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik / Chemie / Analytische Chemie
Freie Schlagwörter:Konformitätsbewertung; Qualitätsinfrastruktur
COVID-19; Certification; Conformity Assessment; Corona; Resilience; Testing
Themenfelder/Aktivitätsfelder der BAM:Analytical Sciences
Analytical Sciences / Qualitätssicherung und Data Science
Veranstaltung:Eu-SPRI 2021 Conference: Science and innovation - an uneasy relationship?
Veranstaltungsort:Online meeting
Beginndatum der Veranstaltung:09.06.2021
Enddatum der Veranstaltung:11.06.2021
Verfügbarkeit des Dokuments:Datei im Netzwerk der BAM verfügbar ("Closed Access")
Datum der Freischaltung:10.06.2021
Referierte Publikation:Nein