New Test Specimen for the Determination of the Field of View of Small-Area XPS

  • Small-area/spot photoelectron spectroscopy (SAXPS) is a powerful tool for the investigation of small surface features like microstructures of electronic devices, sensors or other functional surfaces. For evaluating the quality of such microstructures, it is crucial to know whether a small signal in a spectrum is an unwanted contamination of the field of view (FoV), defined by the instrument settings, or it originated from outside. The aperture has a major influence on the signal-contribution from the outside. For the evaluation of the FoV, we determined the Au4f intensities measured with the center of the FoV aligned with the center of the spot and normalized to the Au4f intensity determined on the Au-film. With this test specimen, it was possible to characterize the FoV: The signal-contribution from the outside is reduceable down to lower than 50 %, when the aperture is 30 % of the structure dimension for our Kratos AXIS Ultra DLD system.

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Autoren/innen:Jörg M. Stockmann
Koautoren/innen:Jörg Radnik, S. Bütefisch, I. Busch, T. Weimann, C. Passiu, A. Rossi, Wolfgang E. S. Unger
Jahr der Erstveröffentlichung:2020
Organisationseinheit der BAM:6 Materialchemie
6 Materialchemie / 6.1 Oberflächenanalytik und Grenzflächenchemie
Freie Schlagwörter:Field of View; Imaging XPS; Reference Material; Small Area XPS
Themenfelder/Aktivitätsfelder der BAM:Material
Material / Materialien und Stoffe
Analytical Sciences
Analytical Sciences / Oberflächen- und Grenzflächenanalytik
Veranstaltung:Kratos User's Meeting 2020
Veranstaltungsort:Online meeting
Beginndatum der Veranstaltung:21.09.2020
Enddatum der Veranstaltung:22.09.2020
Verfügbarkeit des Dokuments:Datei im Netzwerk der BAM verfügbar ("Closed Access")
Datum der Freischaltung:12.10.2020
Referierte Publikation:Nein