Deep foundations for offshore wind turbines. Lecture 2: lateral behaviour and advanced topics

Cimentaciones profundas para aerogeneradores marinos - Parte 2: Comportamiento lateral y tematica avanzada

  • This presentation deals with the phenomenology and design of pile foundations for offshore wind turbines, and is divided into two lectures. The second lecture continues with the case of lateraly loaded offshore piles, which bears most relevance for the case of the monopile foundations. Here again, a clear separation between physical reality and design methods is intended. Finally, the last part of the second lecture introduces several advanced topics which lie outside the classical design approaches, namely the hydromechanical coupling effects (i.e. the excess pore-pressure generation around the monopiles), the cyclic pile fatigue and the so-called pile setup (i.e. the time effects on the axial pile capacity). The relevance of the latter two topics is illustrated with experimental results from a field testing campaign on real large-scale piles.

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Autoren/innen:Pablo Cuéllar
Jahr der Erstveröffentlichung:2020
Organisationseinheit der BAM:7 Bauwerkssicherheit
7 Bauwerkssicherheit / 7.2 Ingenieurbau
DDC-Klassifikation:Technik, Medizin, angewandte Wissenschaften / Ingenieurwissenschaften / Ingenieurbau
Freie Schlagwörter:Design methods; Offshore wind turbines; Physical phenomenology; Pile foundations
Themenfelder/Aktivitätsfelder der BAM:Infrastruktur
Infrastruktur / Sicherheit und Lebensdauer von Bauwerken
Veranstaltung:Masters course on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. Geotechnical Laboratory of CEDEX
Veranstaltungsort:Online meeting
Beginndatum der Veranstaltung:21.04.2020
Verfügbarkeit des Dokuments:Datei im Netzwerk der BAM verfügbar ("Closed Access")
Datum der Freischaltung:29.07.2020
Referierte Publikation:Nein