Stability of ethyl glucuronide in hair reference materials after accelerated aging

  • Two different hair reference materials, one produced from authentic hair displaying an ethyl glucuronide (EtG) content of about 25 pg/mg and one obtained by fortification of blank hair to an EtG level of 85 pg/mg were submitted to accelerated aging between 4 degrees C and 60 degrees C for periods between one and 24 months. Subsequently, the EtG content was determined in the aged samples and untreated reference samples stored at -22 degrees C under repeatability conditions following the so-called isochronous approach. The EtG content remained stable even at 40 degrees C for 24 months and at 60 degrees C over six months. This is in contrast to many organic analytes contained in trace concentrations in diverse matrices. A slight but significant increase of the recovered EtG in case of authentic hair samples having been exposed for 24 months between 4 degrees C and 60 degrees C may be due to a temperature-driven process that allows increased recoveries of the physiologically embedded EtG.

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Autoren/innen:Dominic Ammann, Roland Becker, Irene Nehls
Titel des übergeordneten Werkes (Englisch):Forensic science international
Jahr der Erstveröffentlichung:2015
Organisationseinheit der BAM:1 Analytische Chemie; Referenzmaterialien
1 Analytische Chemie; Referenzmaterialien / 1.7 Organische Spuren- und Lebensmittelanalytik
Verlag:Elsevier Ireland Ldt.
Verlagsort:Amsterdam [u.a.]
Erste Seite:337
Letzte Seite:340
Freie Schlagwörter:Alcohol marker; Fortification; HPLC-MS/MS; Long term stability; Micropulverization
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Datum der Freischaltung:20.02.2016
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